What To Look For When Renting A Car?

Sometimes we all have a need to rent a vehicle from a car rental agency such as croydon school minibus hire. The question is how to choose the best option, the best service for the lowest price. Travel sometimes tend to be stressful, but the rent does not have to be. We’ve listed a few things you should know and the things to look for when visiting car rental agency.

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Use fewer agencies

Car rental market is dominated by large international agencies but apart from them there are a lot of smaller companies that are fighting for their survival. These small independent companies are great news for passengers. Small companies are increasingly investing in their business and their customer service.

They specialising, some in commercial hire, some for courier services and others for the public  etc. These specialist firms are offering great deals to their target markets but they also need great service. For example the courier market obviously promises delivery within set timescales and if a parcel to France needs to be urgently collected and the drivers vehicle breakdown then another is urgently needed. Sometimes it may seem convenient to rent a car from large companies that have developed a network of branches, but smaller companies may be far cheaper and offer discounts. In any case this should be thoroughly inspected and make sure not skip smaller companies.

Choose the right vehicle for you

Think well what sort of car you need. If you travel with colleagues or have a large luggage to bring with you, you need a bigger car. If you want to save on fuel, then rent a small car. If you want an ecological car, look for a hybrid or perhaps an electric car, if you prefer a sportier driving experience then you need a car with it manual transmission, but if you like a more comfortable ride then look for a car with automatic transmission.

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Do not wait until last minute to book

If you need to travel somewhere far away, or abroad, book a car on the time, a week or ten days in advance. So you are sure that you will get the car what you need and want, and what is not insignificant to receive a discount. When you travel to a foreign country it is very important to avoid language barriers and errors in the translation and hidden clauses in contracts that are possible and that often happen to inexperienced drivers. Therefore, it is better to pre-contact car rental agency and carefully read the contracts and options.


Any insurance is better than not having an insurance. Make sure that the car you rented has an insurance in case of an accident. In almost all agencies insurance is paid extra, some are required and some are optional.

Do not forget to ask about the various hidden costs

If you book on-line through the company’s website, read the terms and conditions very carefully before you confirm your booking. Ask the agency if there is a penalty for failure to appear, whether there is a limit on the mileage? Is there a penalty and what happens is in case something unexpected happens and you return the car later. Would you pay less if you return the car before the agreed timing?