Why An Online Tutor May Be The Answer!

Online tutoring is one of the latest ways that you can help your child get the help they need in school to ensure a successful educational career. But how do you know if online tutoring is the right solution for your needs? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding online tutoring to help you decide if online tutoring is the right choice for your child’s needs.


When do online Tutoring Sessions Occur?

The scheduling of online tutoring sessions occurs when it is convenient for the child. This ensures that there are no scheduling conflicts between work, school, extracurricular activities or other demands on your child’s time. Sessions are arranged based on your child’s needs and schedule. With that being said most online tutors are available in the evening and on weekends, when most children are available. However, there are day sessions available to those who have a non-traditional schedule.

Where do online tutoring sessions occur?

Online tutoring sessions happen in whatever location the student chooses. This is because all the student needs is an internet connection and an environment suitable for learning. This can be at home, in a library or other location. There is no need to travel to meet the tutor, making it a very convenient solution.

I am not very tech savvy. Will this be an easy process for me?

Online tutoring is a very simple process. Most children are already very comfortable using a wide range of technology solutions. Most online tutors will use technology that is already familiar to your child or functions very similarly to technology he or she is very familiar with.

We are a very busy family. How can online tutoring benefit us?

Online Tutoring was designed specifically with hectic schedules in mind. There are no additional demands on time or budget with extra traveling. Tutoring can occur at a time that works with your busy schedule, which means that children can still participate in the activities they enjoy.

How can I be sure that online tutoring will be the best mode for my child?

Of course there is no way to know with 100% certainty whether or not online tutoring will be the best solution for any child until they try it. The good news is, however, that there is no ongoing commitment if the sessions are not the right fit for your child.

How will I know if my child is making progress with online tutoring?

Online tutors provide regular progress reports to you so that you will always know exactly how your child is performing at any point. This gives you the opportunity to see how the sessions are helping and allows you to communicate with the tutor in the event that things aren’t progressing as they should be.

How long will it take before I begin to see results with online tutoring?

Once again, this will depend on the relationship that develops between the tutor and the child, but positive results are often noticed very quickly.

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