How To Learn Three Teen Entrepreneurs

In the past, older individuals usually came to mind when talking about entrepreneurs. These days it is becoming increasingly common to see people in their twenties running successful businesses, thanks in part to advancement in technology. But entrepreneurs have become even younger as there are now a good number of teenagers running their own businesses successfully. We present three teen entrepreneurs here to serve as inspiration for more young people to consider the option of starting a business.


Moziah Bridges

This young boy is the brain behind Mo’s Bows, a business specializing in bow ties. Bridges supposedly started dealing in bow ties at a tender age of nine. The boy, who learned how to sew from his grandmother, was said to have drawn inspiration for the business from his disappointment with the bow tie offerings on the market. The 13-year-old started selling his products on the P2P e-commerce website Etsy, which was soon after joined by numerous boutiques spread across southeastern states. Bridges, whose business is currently worth over $200,000 in yearly revenues, expects to make his first $1 million by age 17.

Lizzie Marie Likness

Likness is a young celebrity chef and the creator of Lizzie Marie Cuisine (LMC). At a tender age of 6, she began her journey towards establishing a culinary business. The young girl, who used to assist with cooking in her family, had embarked on sales of homemade baked goods at a local farmers market to help her raise money for her horseback riding lessons. It was while she was at this that she was able to discover that her true passion lies in cooking. The high school senior has taught cooking classes and is the star of WebMD’s kid-focused video series, “Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie.” She has appeared on the Rachel Ray Show, CNN Money and Fox News, among others.

Robert Nay

This computer wonder kid was the developer of the Physics puzzle game Bubble Ball. The game, which was developed by Nay at age of 14, launched in December 2010 and was downloaded more than one million times in the first two weeks of its release. Bubble Ball surpassed the popular Angry Birds as the most-downloaded free game on Apple app store at the time. That game helped Nay to make his first millions. His company named Nay Games also has several other games in its portfolio. Perhaps, the most interesting thing about this young genius is that he reportedly had no prior coding experience when he developed Bubble Ball. He told CNN that he learned coding through personal research at a public library.

These three teen entrepreneurs are just very few of the many across the world today. Among the qualities that stand the young business owners out for success are their drive and motivation. In addition, they were able to identify a void to be filled and followed their passion. You can visit as well for useful tips on what you need to do become a successful business owner like these young entrepreneurs. Since they managed to be successful, you can also be with proper guidance.