Internet Marketing Australia – Is Your Brand Strong Enough To Survive?

Internet Marketing Australia Is Your Brand Strong Enough To Survive?  It is pretty easy for all of the use to be able to name 100s of Brands that are recognisable in our everyday lives. But why do we remember them? And why do we consider them to be strong. Right now, have a think about a Brand, and while you do that, think about why you thought of that brand, and what other emotions it evokes. More often than not we will think of words such as ‘reliable’, ‘trustworthy’, ‘quality’. And it is these words and ideas that you really want to start being associated with your business and your Brand.


I am the CEO of an Internet Marketing SEO firm in Australia that operates around the country and whenever I have people, (especially small business owners) come to me to ask about growing their brand, I tell them to focus on these qualities:


The vision that you see for your brand is critical. If you can maintain a strong leadership that gets results and maintains focus then your brand will continue to grow.


Your presence is what will be communicating your brand to the world. If you have a regular and positive exposure for your business then it will grow awareness for your brand.


When times get tough, it is a passion that will see your business through to the other side. It is the determination and desire to make a difference that helps to set you apart, and if this is done right, then you can ignite the passion in your customers too.

Audience Knowledge

If you know your audience, you can deliver the results that they want. This means that as your audience may grow and shift, you will always be prepared and maintain professionalism and your brand’s worth.


You need to have your brand be recognisable for what it is. You can’t ride the success of another business and demand the same respect. When contemplating this, think about how you best want to be seen, and don’t be afraid to be different.


By knowing what your competitive advantage is, as well as your weaknesses, you can focus upon improvement and maintaining that competitive edge.



If you always act with professional consistency then you gain respect through being reliable and upholding a specific standard. A simple solution here is to make sure your website, blog, and social pages all have a branded look and feel. Use consistent colours and images across all platforms

Strategies in 2016

While a lot of what I have spoken about, this is simply common sense, there are a few areas that you should pay particular attention to.

Remain Consistent

One of the key areas of brand recognition is consistency and one of the best ways to ensure that you maintain this is to perform regular checks and audits. By having a deliberate look into your actions, you can identify problems, or confirm whether or not you are being consistent. Ask yourself—do your profiles all have the same bio info? Do you have the same visual theme throughout all of your website pages, social media, and correspondence? By maintaining this attention to detail, you can make sure that you are getting credit for everything you do and your brand can be recognised across more areas and platforms.

Brand Your Content

When generating content, you should consider the potential for brand recognition at all times. Ensure it is quality content and the type you want to be associated with your brand and soon you will start developing the reputation that you want. It’s about balancing the need to get your name and brand seen as often as possible, and making sure it is being seen for the right reasons.


Google Authorship is Key

If you begin to link your content to a Google+ account then you can directly affect the way that a search result will present your information. This is your Google My Business focus and the result is seeing a short description, an image, and/or Google maps results rather than a simple text result. The other benefit to this is that you will have your information under the one heading and this will demonstrate consistency in your image and general brand.

So if you can keep these ideas in mind, and start making plans to develop these qualities you can really make great steps towards growing your brand’s reputation and therefore boosting your SEO and (importantly) your success and sales! And if there is one last piece of advice I can give, is go and learn as much as you can about SEO before you come to an SEO company – there is a lot you can do yourself with a bit of knowledge and time, but when you want to boost your efforts even more, or are unsure where to go next, that is when you should turn to an SEO Professional.  For more information visit our website: