Alternative clothes by virblatt

More consumers in Europe are interested in the origin of their products and the working conditions of manufacturers.Keywords like Fair Trade, vegan fashion and alternative clothes reach a greater target group than ever.


The brand virblatt set its target at fulfilling this demand online. The Vir Blatt webshop for harem trousers, Aladdin trousers and hippie clothes is available in six languages for customers throughout Europe. The young company made many experiences in the past years and wants to use these experiences with their new brand virblatt. Their products are designed by themselves and manufactured in small and medium family run businesses in Northern Thailand and Nepal. They take a close look on the manufacturing and working conditions by visiting the production facilities on regular bases. Suppliers are met at the same level and interviewing of different employees assures the quality of the working conditions.

For Nelly Brepson, CEO and Manager of the Design Department of virblatt

alternative means: “… to offer an alternative to the mass produced articles of big retail chains.” She adds: “In the future we want to expand our product range of sustainable products and increase the usage of alternative fabrics such as hemp and bamboo.” virblatt made the first big step by creating a product line of bags and backpacks made of 100 % hemp. The hemp collection is based on their own designs and decorated with Asian hill tribe patterns. By collaborating with a small family run business in Chiang Mai, the company supports local production and local cooperatives. Without any support, these people could not compete with the big manufacturers. virblatt products are manufactured fairly with a reasonably higher cost of production. This is the niche that makes the brand attractive for its European customers.

Miss Brepson reveals: “We see that our hemp bags are becoming very popular. So why not use hemp or even bamboo for our other products such as harem trousers and genie pants?” The company is currently using cotton as main fabric for its products. However, they want to opt for more sustainable raw materials. Hemp and bamboo e.g. grow faster and have a smaller need for insecticides, pesticides and water than cotton.

virblatt has not yet reached their goals but is highly motivated to make a contribution in the clothing industry.

For everyone who is interested in alternative clothes it is worth a look at the webshop Harem trousers and Aladdin trousers are offered as well as different uppers, hippie clothes and ethnic fashion. virblatt offers a wide range of products for people that want to express their individuality and stand out from the mass.

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